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Top 10 Reasons I Prefer Cats to Dogs

Written by on 28 November 2009 in The Daily Meows

Mr. Bergis and Penny, best buddies

Mr. Bergis and Penny, best buddies

1 - Cats, by nature, are very clean animals. They take care of bathing themselves, so I don't have to. Score one for us lazy folks!

2 - Cats use litter boxes.  To some of you "Dog people" out there, that is a disadvantage to cat ownership.  I personally would rather use a scooper with a 12" handle to fish out a dry, sand covered poop than coil my baggie covered fingers around a fresh steamer.

3 - Cats can be left to their own devices for much longer than any dog.  They are self-reliant, and don't need me to walk them or talk them out for crap. This is especially good if you have more than one cat - you feel less bad about leaving them home alone when they have companions.

4 - Cats, contrary to what many people believe, are very loyal animals. Some cats will only interact with their owners, as is the case with our Ripley. Our other two cats greet us at the door every evening.


The Top 10 Reasons to keep your Cat Indoors

Written by on 26 November 2009 in Cat Health

Outdoor CatTraditionally, most cats were kept as outdoor pets. This comes from a time where agriculture was a more common way of life, and cats were seen as mousers, keeping pests out of the barn or house. Anyone who's seen a cat catch a mouse knows that they are naturally gifted at that sort of work. But how many of you have a barn that needs de-mousing? In both, urban and suburban, city and country, it makes much more sense to keep your beloved kitty indoors. And here's why...


Getting to know the Cats at the Daily Meows

Written by on 22 November 2009 in The Daily Meows

Greetings! my name is Heather. I live in a smallish feline-friendly abode with my partner Tim. And the Daily Meows is our blog.

Both Tim and I are fond of writing, and we are both tech savvy individuals (in our own ways) who have been blogging, and now twittering, in some capacity for many years.

It occurred to us that we would really love to write regularly about one of our common interests, and we would like what we write to be informative, interesting, amusing or generally engaging to people out there like us. Who do I mean when I say "people like us"? I mean the cat lovers. The people who have jumped on the feline-frenzied bandwagon at some point in their lives and just continued hanging on; learning and loving and possibly hating (some aspects) the joy that is cat ownership.

Mr. Bergis, our black Domestic Short Hair cat

Mr. Bergis, our black DSH

What is the purpose of this blog?  We want to share our experiences, as a multiple cat household, with everything feline. Nutrition, health, play, behavior, enrichment; all these things are common necessities that need to be provided to your furry feline friends every day. Why not read about some of our trials and tribulations in testing out new products or theories in our never ending quest to keep our cats healthy and happy.